Beth Terry, CSP
Specializing in Change, Customer Service, Life Balance
Keynote Speaker, Corporate Seminars, and Breakout Sessions

Beth Terry helps your employees handle crazy times and difficult people. She motivates them to cooperate, collaborate, and participate. Her programs are clear. Beth’s recommendations and tools are practical, do-able and memorable. Her management sessions energize top managers, middle managers and new supervisors alike. Beth is animated and energetic on stage and her enthusiasm for her work shows. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation and trains other speakers on the fine art of addressing audiences in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Beth’s clients include:

Bridgeway Software • Louis Vuitton • Tiffany & Co. • American Express • First Hawaiian Bank • AT&T • Verizon • University of Hawaii • Girl Scouts of America • State of Hawaii • NAPA Auto • UNOCAL • Phillips 66 • Guam Visitors Bureau • Outrigger Hotels • USDA • US Customs • US Postal Service • US Air Force • Marine Corps Air Station • US Army • US Navy • Federal Investigative Services Division • USDA • EPA •

Beth's titles include

1. Finding Work and Life Balance in an Insane World

2. Secrets for getting out of Overwhelm

3. Live UP to Your Potential!

4. Customer Service: It’s the Only Game in Town!

5. Handling Difficult Customers and Crazy Situations

6. Memorable Change Management Tools

7. Today IS “Some Day! ”

8. Creating the Team of Your Dreams

9. What A Difference YOU Make!

10. Create a Personal Business Plan in Seven Easy Steps

11. Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

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