Jim Bagnola, CSP
Specializing in Change Management, Leadership, Human Resources and Customer Service

Jim Bagnola is a certified speaking professional who regularly delivers, with ease and humour, keynote addresses, workshops and breakout sessions on six continents. As an executive coach, he formally trains Fortune 500 executives by combining his business background with experience in the entertainment industry as manager of world famous magician Doug Henning. His sessions are very lively, thought-provoking, deeply significant and interactive.

Jim's expertise and passion is in the field of leadership and body-mind management with emphasis on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success, and the capacity to lead.

Jim’s clients have described his presentations as dynamic; highly-interactive; witty, yet educational and practical.


One popular group exercise demonstrates that change in an organization happens in increments and that team work is essential to success, otherwise one person can hold up any strategy.

Audiences really enjoy the exercise and learn quickly from direct experience. Leadership and communication play an important role in this 'pole exercise'.


Jim's clients include:

Shell Oil Company • Scotiabank • Kroger Company • U.S. Department of State • Department of the Air Force • NASA • NATO • United Nations, among many others.


“I will customize my presentations, consulting, and training to meet the needs of my customers. If you are not completely satisfied with my presentation, notify me in writing within thirty days of the presentation and I will refund my presentation fee in full, no questions asked.”

7 different seminar topics

Jim has 7 different seminar topics delivered as either keynotes or workshops with breakout sessions:

1.      Change Management

            Stop Going Out of Your Mind Over Change: Become a Quick Change Artist

2.      Relationship Management

           Leading is Everybody’s Business

3.      Performance and Energy Management

           The Leader as Coach
              Transforming Talent into Performance

4.      Mind-Body Management

           Becoming a Professional Human Being
           Using the Mind-Body-Health Connection to Access the Power Within

5.      Self Management

           The Never-Ending Balancing Act:
              Managing Stress

6.      Client Relations Management

           Who Do You Work For Anyway?
              Transforming Customers into Long-Term Followers

7.      Team Management

              Appreciating the Many Faces of Intelligence

  Resource Articles   Enjoy the following articles (Right Click to Download):

- Who Do You Work For Anyway?

- 142 FREE TIPS for building better customer experiences and employee satisfaction. Courtesy of Jim Bagnola and his Workshop for the Vancouver Board of Trade.


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